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Sales is the lifeblood of all business. There’s an old adage: “Nothing happens till something’s sold!” I’m Chicago Sales Coach Paul Baraz, and I’m here to assist you and your  business in  that endeavor. Businesses of all sizes: small, medium, large, enterprise level, and sole practitioners have, thanks to modern technology, ample opportunity to thrive in today’s markets. Yet, some do and some do not! Today’s playing field is literally littered with thousands of businesses that are struggling, despite the high quality of their offerings. 

As Chicago’s  Premier Sales Coach, that’s why I created Train Wreck Solutions. A business without a clear sales plan and a sales focused business plan will always have the aforementioned issues. The smoother and more efficient a businesses sales process is, then the more it can focus on its true purpose- serving its customers!

On my journey to becoming a Chicago Sales Coach, I have been what is “kindly” referred to as a serial entrepreneur. In my youth, I was so attracted to the field that I quit school early to pursue a career in sales. Hindsight being so excellent, as my B-law teacher so often said, I might have waited a bit longer to enter the job market. Most of the positions available to someone at that stage were less than ideal. To be blunt, 2nd rate companies with poor working conditions and benefits.

Chicago Sales Coach

Fortunately, there was a silver lining to the sufferings of my youth. After gradually upgrading to better companies and superior offerings, I found that the massive amount of energy I put into learning how to sell in the early part of my career made it easy to sell higher quality products and services in the more advanced companies. Most of my experience has been in big-ticket retail;until the latest chapter of my career. My firm, a high-end residential construction, and remodeling company started to get more and more requests to do commercial work. To my delight, I found my sales skills and techniques transferred well to the B2B market.

Over time, I have developed a 7-point sales system. It is extremely flexible to all the variables of businesses and salespeople I encounter. I’m referring to time and money, differing buyer criteria and shopping/buying habits. Allow me to redefine the way you do business to increase your profits, time, and happiness.

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Chicago Sales Coach Paul Baraz